Wk12 – Classmate Interview- Antonio Jimenez


This week I had the chance to get to know one of my classmates even better, Antonio Jimenez. He and I are also taking criminal justice 110 research and writing together. He is a very honest person, in that he speaks his mind, while sometimes maybe too much he is a pretty funny guy. He has an older and younger sister as well as an older brother. His sister major is linguistics while his brother majors in mechanics. Antonio however is a psychology major who plans on being a  couples therapist. His reason for choosing psychology is that he enjoys figuring out the complexities of how people process information.

Antonio’s main hobby is playing his guitar and he enjoys customizing each part so that he not only sounds better but also that his guitar looks just as good as it sounds. His favorite types of music are classical, metal and grind core. Him and I are thinking about getting together this summer to practice playing our guitars.