Wk13- Classmate Interview-Jasmine Barnum


This week I had the chance to interview probably one of the most cheerful people ever, Jasmine Barnum. She is a second year at Csulb and even though she used to live in Long Beach, now she lives in Cerritos. Her major is Health Science and hopes to receive her Master’s in Occupational therapy and possibly become physical therapist. Her motivation for deciding this major comes from past experiences of assisting her grandmother her suffered a stroke and was disabled from thr left side. I admire Jasmkne for being so helpful as a to her family, even as a child. This semster Jasmine’s favorite class is health science 210 (intro to health science), which is not hard to beleive given that is her major, but I am glad know she is enjoy what she set out to major in.

As of right now Jasmine is the assistant manager at an ice cream store, Creamistry and she loves being there, well at least loves her co-workers.She has an older brother and an older sister and I do not know how we ventured so far into her family, but her grandmother had 12 girls and 4 boys.


Wk12-Activity-Algorithmic Art

1. Open up your text messages
2.Find the last 10 people you have messaged
3.Write down the third word of yhe last text that person sent you
4.Repeat this process until you have 10 words
5.Make a poem out of all these words and see what you create
6. See what you have

My poem: Art called anytime
                   He think
                  “I know”
                   Be final
I would have chosen the third word from my last text messages but I never quite beleive that what I have said is the best that I could have done. So as practice I wanted to see what I could make of my friends words. From what my poem says the artist is inspired to be an artist and his creative side is always wanting him to do some kind of art. However he is never done because he is overly critcal, like all artists. Finally after he is done creating something he can finally say its finished and just be proud of his work.

Wk14-Classmate Interview-Benjamin Zhou


This weej i jad the pleasure of meeting Benjamin Zhou. Benjamin is a first year like myself but is a business finance major. His favorite class this semster is either theatre or communications simply because those classes are low difficulty and he has a chance to really enjoy the time with other students. He went to South Hills High School and lived im West Covina.

His hobbies include basketball, plauing the guitar, skateboarding and videogames. Benjamin’s dream job is to be a traveling business man and maybe start his own business. As a possible major he thought about being a mechanic because of his likeness of things apart and putting them back together. While Benjamin likes and apprecites art he has only ever taken one art class when he was nine.

Wk14- Artist Interview- Yireh Elaine Kwak



This week I had the chance to interview again Yireh Elaine Kwak in the Liminal exhibition. Kwak likes to be able to do something creative everyday, even if it is not painting. Being flexible in other aspects of art lends Kwak a more rounded perspective on her own art and teaches her how to grow as an artist.

In this showcase Kwak and and a group of her friends came together to create a gallery that had a lot of meaning for them. She did it with this particular group of friends because they have been with her thrlughout her growth as an artist until now, culminating to around 4 years of friends who know her art just as well as herself.

The painting that Kwak is standing in front of is a depiction of an untamed garden that she couod see from her backyard at her old house. She is inspire by artists such as Cezanne,  Gaugin, and Van Gogh. Their gallery represents the transition from students to becoming real artists and the second to represent all of their work, past and present.

Wk12 – Classmate Interview- Antonio Jimenez


This week I had the chance to get to know one of my classmates even better, Antonio Jimenez. He and I are also taking criminal justice 110 research and writing together. He is a very honest person, in that he speaks his mind, while sometimes maybe too much he is a pretty funny guy. He has an older and younger sister as well as an older brother. His sister major is linguistics while his brother majors in mechanics. Antonio however is a psychology major who plans on being a  couples therapist. His reason for choosing psychology is that he enjoys figuring out the complexities of how people process information.

Antonio’s main hobby is playing his guitar and he enjoys customizing each part so that he not only sounds better but also that his guitar looks just as good as it sounds. His favorite types of music are classical, metal and grind core. Him and I are thinking about getting together this summer to practice playing our guitars.

Wk12 – Artist Interview – Katherine Cox



This last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Katherine Cox in the Dennis W. Dutzi gallery in her display of Domestic Implications. In her work she “investigates the vessels that once functioned within the parameters of longstanding pottery traditions”. This way she hopes to uncover how these items and imagery are relevant to a contemporary setting.

This dialogue is meant to represent the ideals of domestication and how it affects people. To Cox this is a reflection of societal pressure contributing to an individual’s mindset as to what is right and wrong. Through this dialogue she says she wants to change the narrative between people, one different from the ideas of femininity created in the past.