Wk14- Artist Interview- Yireh Elaine Kwak



This week I had the chance to interview again Yireh Elaine Kwak in the Liminal exhibition. Kwak likes to be able to do something creative everyday, even if it is not painting. Being flexible in other aspects of art lends Kwak a more rounded perspective on her own art and teaches her how to grow as an artist.

In this showcase Kwak and and a group of her friends came together to create a gallery that had a lot of meaning for them. She did it with this particular group of friends because they have been with her thrlughout her growth as an artist until now, culminating to around 4 years of friends who know her art just as well as herself.

The painting that Kwak is standing in front of is a depiction of an untamed garden that she couod see from her backyard at her old house. She is inspire by artists such as Cezanne,  Gaugin, and Van Gogh. Their gallery represents the transition from students to becoming real artists and the second to represent all of their work, past and present.


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