Wk12-Activity-Algorithmic Art

1. Open up your text messages
2.Find the last 10 people you have messaged
3.Write down the third word of yhe last text that person sent you
4.Repeat this process until you have 10 words
5.Make a poem out of all these words and see what you create
6. See what you have

My poem: Art called anytime
                   He think
                  “I know”
                   Be final
I would have chosen the third word from my last text messages but I never quite beleive that what I have said is the best that I could have done. So as practice I wanted to see what I could make of my friends words. From what my poem says the artist is inspired to be an artist and his creative side is always wanting him to do some kind of art. However he is never done because he is overly critcal, like all artists. Finally after he is done creating something he can finally say its finished and just be proud of his work.


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