Wk11 – Artist Interview -Patricia E. Rangel








This week I had the chance to interview Patricia E. Rangel and observe her artwork in the Merby Werby gallery.
Her artwork consisted of fine dirt compressed and shaped into molds she creates. Due to the nature of her artwork, her pieces must be made on sight as they may be too large, heavy, or dangerous to move once assembled.

One of the interesting aspects of her art is that she collects the dirt she uses from almost anyplace she travels to, from graveyards and the desert to raches or the side of the road. For exanple, one of her pieces includes a chain nailed to a wall falling into a pile of dirt. And while the dirt itself is from a particular cemetary, the chain links that make up the chain are each in the shape of the entire cemetary as seen from above.

When asked what her favorite part of creating these sculptures was being able to dismamtle them with a hammer.
As she described the process, “it’s a great way to relieve stress,” so much so that peers of Miss Rangel have asked to help out.


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