Wk11- Activity- Plaster Sculpture



This week our class had to create a sculpture of one of our body parts in the sand. As per Professor Zucman’s instructions I decided to complete this task at Seal Beach. Digging the hole itself took less than an couple of minutes as well as getting the sand to mold to the shape of my arm. However, because of the ratio of water to plaster I made the mold took over forty-five minutes to harden. In retrospect going to the beach after dusk was  not the best idea, especially with how cold it was but I appreciated the scenery of the beach at night. Once my hand was in the wet sand the sand kept collapsing around my hand because of how much sand I compacted into the hole. If my thumb was not double-jointed I probably would not have been able to keep my mold in place. After the mold finally hardened, I had to be careful in digging it out so as not to damage the plaster. Even though the mold was meant to look a hand giving a thumbs up, the end result was a disfigured fist with two oversized fingers and a tiny thumb protruding from the side.


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