Wk9- Artist Interview- Michael Rollins


This week I was able to examine Michael Rollins exhibit, New Diggs, as a requirement for his MFA degree. When discussing his paintings Mr. Rollins made the point of expressing what he felt abstract meant and that was that it can be something different for everyone. To quote Rollins, “It is just a bunch of paint thrown on a canvas but there is some reason to it”.

In his exhibit statement he also states that he does not work from any sort of reference material. I appreciate this approach to artistry because it allows for more people to find meaning and connection to the art rather than drawing from a particular aspect of life that others may not have experienced. He goes on to say that he wanted his art to embody tension and balance in a collision of separate sensibilities. And while I found it difficult to make that connection; what I understood more was that he felt that how he painted was a conversation between what he felt and what decision he made off that feeling. Because like he later says, “it may not turn how I wanted, but I still love it”. Meaning that everything can not be decided before-hand, especially when making art, (mostly because nothing looks the same in someone’s head, as it does in reality) and because I feel this lends itself to life as well.

In my opinion my strongest connection with Mr. Rollins art came through his allusion of his art to a conversation. It is easier for me to find the meaning when I can attach an object to an idea, so when he spoke of having a conversation, I immediately looked at the literal signifier in the art, which to me came through the interlacing lines, and the perception that I felt; of going down a tunnel at each one of his paintings.


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