Wk9-Activity- Architecture and Urban Planning


As a part of the activity this week we had to draw a cognitive map of the CSULB campus. As expected I had no idea here more than 80% of the buildings were. As it is I have a hard time finding any building or class on campus so it was not surprising that I had no idea where the buildings I never enter were. The only places I thought of were the ones that I visit regularly apart from the Student Health Services. Also this is because I have to walk that through campus to get to where I park.

20150320_154616 20150320_154826 20150320_154716

The building I chose to adopt was the university student union. I chose this building because of the recent expansion project that got voted out. I thought the decision to do so was a poor one. Whenever I enter the building I always see the place overflowing with students. Whether they are studying, eating, or just hanging out, this place is an important and vital part of the csulb community. In many ways its a home away from home. Students can just relax and have some down time, with much more room then they are provided with in the dorms. During my time at soar this is where I really connected with some of my friends because we could simply relax and have a good time.


Now while I do admire the design of the current pyramid standing at CSULB, I chose to redesign the the pyramid for this week’s activity. I do feel that having the pyramid be made of glass is a fresh look on an older design, I am someone who always appreciates the classics. And being that Csulb resides much closer to central America and that many students attending have heritage in that culture I felt that having an homage to aztec empire would be a much appreciated design.


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