Wk7- Activity- Corpse Potrait

20150309_124226 20150309_124557

This week our activity is meant to show how we imagine our demise woud be like in 20-30 years. In my corpse portrait I show myself having to much to drink one nigh that leads to me dying of alcohol poisoning.

I originally felt a little uneasy about the idea of showing how I might die in the future. I came to the conclusion about using alcohol as way of me passing away for multiple reasons. My first reason is that in my family there are many alcoholics and it has always been a possible outcome for me to wind up becoming just like them. Second being that many people encounter increasing amounts of stress as they grow up and they turn to things like drinking to numb the pain or make them forget about their problems and unfortunately many times it will lead to something tragic happening.

In the end I felt comfortable doing this picture because i knew that while this a very possible way my life could go; I know that just realizing that this is a possible outcome and knowing ways to prevent it means I have already reduced the possibility of my life ending this way.


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