Wk6-Artist Interview- Emily Babbette

20150226_112124 20150226_111755 20150226_111741 20150226_111730

This week I had the chance to speak to the artist Emily Babbette in the Gatov-East gallery. She was originally an theatre major at another CSU, however while studying abroad in England she discovered her love for art and decided that she wanted to pursue it as a career. Since that time two years ago she has also discovered her favorite pieces are of landscapes.

Emily’s drawing in the “La Vie en Noir” gallery are meant to represent a “subculture theme on the darker side”. That is why in all except two of her paintings everything is in black and white.

I felt that her work does a great job at representing the darker side of art. Most people’s expressions look exaggerated and deep. It’s a no wonder each piece takes roughly 40 hours. And though I feel their face are somewhat exaggerated I honestly feel as if I am right in the picture with them.


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