Wk5- Classmate Interview- Joseph Awadallah


On Thursday I met a relaxed and easy-going Joseph Awadallah. And like myself is 18 and a first year. Similarly enough he also enjoys many different types of sports such as soccer and basketball. Yet he also likes to enjoy a nice time indoors as well like playing billiards or video games. Joseph has two sisters (older & younger)and both his parents are Palestinian.He currently works at Papa John’s as a delivery person and according to him has seen some pretty weird things. And finally, even though I do not know how we got on the subject, he too is also single.

Originally from Cypress, Joseph does not yet know what he wants to do for a living, his only requirement is that his occupation be uncommon. His nightmare would be working in a boring desk job with nothing meaningful to do. And apparently he has gotten the advice that if later he still unsure of what to do, he should major in business. When he asked me my opinion I could think of nothing better for him than a hand on job, perhaps as an engineer.


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