Wk5- Arts Funding- Kickstarter


To start off I would only donate money to the Baby album and not the Nightmare one. That is because while the Nightmare album does have a better production value it failed to come across as needing help and rather just showed me a clip of what looked like a beginning to a music video. The Baby album on the other hand gave me a taste of what the album would sound like, told me how they did it, why they were doing it and all about how the album was made and who was working on it. Finally at the end of the Baby video they made sure to show how important the project was to them and asked the viewer to lend a hand.


I would only donate to the future forward campaign and not the Harry Potter ballet. For one while it was cute to include outtakes in the video and show why all the girls wanted to perform it failed to show me any of the choreography or any other compelling reason of wanting to donate money to them other than the adorable 9-10 yr old girls. The Future Forward campaign also showed the audience why each member was participating but gave one the audience (adults who maybe were in the same situation or know what its like). And finally showed the people a little of the dance moves and shows they would be donating to.


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