Wk5-Artist Interview- Dianna Franco

20150219_111433 20150219_111446 20150219_111537 20150219_111558 20150219_113638

I really did not have much time to talk with the artist this week as everyone wanted to talk to her and I was running late but a connection I felt with the art was when Dianna said that her paint was meant to reflect psychological relationships.

In her gallery statement Miss Franco said her art was inspired by nature and society and their constant state of flux. And how each does not always affect the other equally. And how the difference in paint thickness displays the variety of weight in color but also relationships.

These pieces were of particular interest to me because of my over interest in the field of psychology. Among the number of the images and ideas that come to mind when I saw these pictures beside a lava lamp and a sort of dream landscape was that each image also reminded me of a brain. And from what I understood from the little parts of conversation I got fro Miss franco this was partially intended.

I believe what I enjoyed the most from this art was the fact that because of the  way the paint was used I could not merely glimpse at the pieces; I had to stop and take a hard look at the picture and see just where the colors mixed, which was heavier and what shape it was trying to take.


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