Wk4-Classmate Interview-Mary Quach


My classmate interview was with Mary Quach. Mary is a freshman like myself and coincidentally is turning 19 this weekend. She is of Vietnamese and Chinese descent. She is from Sacramento and has an older and younger brother.

Both Mary and myself enjoy observing multiple  styles of art regardless the form. While I enjoy drawing very abstract images and multiple styles of shading, Mary is interested in detailed ink work, no matter what the it is a picture of. Her interests include basketball, video games and hanging out with friends, which is why she is in the NSU club at CSULB. She actually enjoys video games so much that she has all of the Grand Theft Auto games. And also like me, she enjoys many different types of food her, yet if forced to pick a favorite type she consented to Thai food.

Mary’s major is undeclared at the moment but she is interested in psychology. The reason for her interest lies in the thinking processes that occur in the human mind. And if she does pursue that major her intended career would be a professional counselor for any person in need of mental assistance.


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