Wk4- Activity- The Julian Show

20150212_115115 20150212_115111

Like many people I have a hard time coming out of my shell. I picture myself trying out new and exciting things and I am left with a stomach full of butterflies. However every now and then I manage to overcome my anxiousness and do something I have never done.

This past thursday at CSULB in honor of National Condom Day our school set up a booth to inform students all they needed to know about condoms and have some fun while doing so. I had no idea of any of this until one of the volunteers caught my attention. My being as naive as I am just thought they were playing some sort of game and had I known from the start it dealt with messing around with condoms I probably would not have stopped to play. Yet once I knew what the booth was about I figured I might as well go along and if nothing else the experience would at least be educational.

As expected there were moments of awkwardness when playing these games but there were equal parts that were also entertaining. I was glad I had stepped outside my comfort zone and learned something new that day. I believe each time we step outside our comfort zone it makes it easier and easier to do so in the future. And who knows maybe in the future I will be confident enough to volunteer for a position where I have to catch random people’s attention and teach them something new.


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