Wk3-Classmate Interview-Premi Muni


In my chat with Premi I learned that we shared quite a bit (besides the fact that he is 19 and from Cerritos). For one we both wanted to, at first, major in aerospace when we entered into college. However, decided otherwise when we came to the realization that while we were fascinated with the idea of space exploration and the means to travel outside our planet, we were not passionate enough about it, to make it our career. Similarly, while he is an actual computer science major I have been debating on whether or not to minor in that field. Makes sense when considering we both considered the same major before.

When asked why he chose to take Art 110 this semester, Premi’s response was that he just wanted to learn about different art styles and how artist’s go through the process of creating their art. In general it seems that Premi and I share a similar quality of interest into art as well.

When Premi finishes his studies he said he would want to be a programmer for a large company such as Google, seeing as how they are at the forefront of new software and hardware, Premi hopes he is kept very busy and not just stuck at a small desk all day. And eventually he want to be his own manger so that he can decide what he wants to program, along with decide his own vacation schedule.


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