Wk3-Artist Interview-Yireh Elaine Kwak

20150205_111849 20150205_110833

Harmony and Discordance: Conflicting Landscapes

When discussing her and her friend’s work (Maryann Gonzalez), Yireh discusses the concept behind their work being the noticeable disturbance between nature and humanity. And about how nature is losing the battle against Man’s need to consume and overdevelop their surroundings. Finishing off about how one feels when noticing both the natural and man-made side of our planet and how you can see a multitude of ideas from frustration to peace.

In a personal interview with Yireh I inquired her about her process, her background and any what difficulties she may have in making her art. Her response began with the fact that she knew she wanted to be an artist from an early age (5-6years old). That she lived on a hill, which is where she began making the pieces we saw that day, but that she had only began working on this display last fall. That if she had to define her art it would be narrowed to oil painting. Yet her process begins with her physically going to wherever she is drawing her inspiration from, then once she is finished sketching what she needs, she retreats to her studio on the hill and finishes up there. Finally she confessed that if there is any setback she has when making her art, it is that she needs her art to be in color for to be able to, for lack of a better term, visualize and or complete her work.

Personally if I took one thing away fro  her and her partner’s work it was that for whatever reason I found it fairly easy to grasp either the emotion or idea that each painting was trying to convey. In the sense, that when approaching each piece I felt a very succinct impression of it.


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