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I chose this post from a classmate merely because I have an interest in motorcycles. And though I am fairly sure this is a picture of a dirt bike I appreciate this photo because every time I see a picture of a vehicle like this it takes me back to whenever I have rode one and the feeling of exhilaration comes over me again. And I enjoy seeing someone else who enjoys the same thing as whenever I bring up my interest with motorcycles around my family I get put down because it is too dangerous of an activity.


I enjoyed this picture because it is so clear that I almost feel like I am there. I for one love swimming and being outdoors, so to see a classmate there it reminds me that I go to school with thousands of people who probably enjoy swimming and hanging out at the beach as much as I do. And more importantly that if I am ever in the mood to go to the beach there are more likely than not, a few people who would be willing to go with me.


I can not express how much I adore flowers. Their texture, smell, appearance, the feeling nature you get when you are around them. Nothing makes me appreciate the wilderness than to see a flower I can I can not take my eyes off. When I see someone who even just sort of appreciates flowers I remember that a fair share of people who attend CSULB enjoy the scenery and surroundings of the campus as much as I do.


In all honesty I have no idea why I chose this photo. Sonia was trying to give directions to this lady, that clearly had a hard time understanding English. And I was of no help because i had no idea where this place was. So while I stood back and let Sonia try to help I decided to take a picture, because I thought it was nice and helpful of Sonia to give it a shot anyway. Being a criminal justice major, seeing a people help one another kind of brightens my day so to speak.


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